LEO Marine

Does anybody have any insight on this company? From what I understand they are a new Centerline subsidiary doing Chevron bunkers in SF and LA.

Looking to apply but have heard they run the tankerman 18+ hours a day and engineers 19 hours some days.

Any info would be appreciated.

Sounds great if you can put down OT with no drama. If you can’t, not so much then.

nothing wrong with a long day … for a while !!

Long days are great if you are getting paid for them. The ideology of ‘no OT, you can make it up on the other end’ that a lot of shoreside management has, sucks…and people wonder why there are unions :man_shrugging:

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I agree. State labor boards need to crack down on unpaid mariner overtime. The companies all process payroll somewhere, mostly in the states where they are based.

yea, well, i got pretty spoiled … i’d have a hard time doing much OT as straight time no matter what the future might hold !!