Day for day companies?

Hey guys this is my first post here but lurk often. Was wondering if I could get some tips on day for day companies and what there pay is like. I know. Canal barge company but that’s about it. I have a tankermans mmc.

Harley Marine will give you day for day with that tank ticket.

Speaking of Harley… What’s the scoop on them in NY harbor? I’ve heard the pay is good for ab/tankermen, but I have heard some not-so-flattering things about the company. What’s the latest? Do they just do bunkering? Are they very busy?

Ive see there barges have multiple spills at pier 7 con hook. One time It fucked up our sailing time/ crew change because we had to delay 12hrs while they cleaned everything around the dock.

I can’t speak for NY, buy the west coast is alright. Pay is decent, schedule, vacation, etc. it’s still a tug company though, and there is some bullshit that floats around.