Inland tank barge company info

I need to make a move and need info on blessey, higman, florida marine, golding barge line, magnolia marine or any others. Looking for tankerman pay info, travel pay info, hiring info and steersman program info. Thanks guys. Where I am just isn’t working for me anymore. Time to move along.

Check your pm’s.

No Florida Marine Transporter guys out there? Please pm me if you don’t want to print it for all to see. Thanks!

I have solid info on about a company on Dezavalla road in Channelview that isn’t Kirby, the following figures:


The upper tankerman levels are based on time and experience. Outside tankermen who go in with years on their ticket start at maybe 2 or 3 and progress fast based on work ethic.

All pays are up $10 a day now

Are these day rates from 1975? Why do guys keep going back to work for these wages? 100$ dollars a day is below poverty.

That is starting pay $110 a day if you work you can double that in 6 months

Even if you double that in 6 months its still pretty darn low.

$53000 a year is not bad considering the is like $42000

I guess 53000 would be ok for entry level green horn if youre doing even time but thats a lot of time away from home without much to show for doing 28/14. Just my two cents. I always thought inland barge work was pretty laborious based on what I’ve been told by people that had to build the tows so why not compensate the mariners.