LED Lights

I’ve seen more led nav lights and flood lights coming into the harbor that I work and have been pushing my company to invest in this technology, the flood lights I’ve looked at say they are good for 60,000 hours but our chief engineer does not believe that they can hold up to the vibration. Any feed back would be nice

At my last company we replaced regular incandescent bulb nav lights fixtures with new LED fixtures because the regular bulbs were constantly going out due to vibration. It was an excellent solution. No problems whatsoever and we had 8 engines running at any given time on a split hull hopper dredge working in the open ocean.

LEDs are mounted on my friend’s 36’ Cape Horn…no problem there. I changed all the ones at home plus added a few tripled head dust to dawn flood lights, you cannot beat that technology in any application; it’s still a little expensive (initial costs), but you save in the long run. Vibrations are not a big deal with LEDs…that’s why laptops are going to LED screens for the most part.

Been running LED floods on the tractor tug I drive for a year now with no problems. We put the boat through its paces at times and they have stood up to the vibration just fine. We have had good luck with the nav lights on other boats as well.

My tug has had led nav lights for nearly a year now. No issues with them. Another boat has deck and nav led lights but they just got theirs a few months ago.

Thanks for the input, I’ll take it up with my port captain .

No personal experience, but I see that Horizon is running some floods on a few of their container ships. The lights will probably be the only thing worth scrapping off the ships once Horizon goes belly up.