Leadership and Management Courses

Houston Marine, TX is now offering Leadership and Management Course . This is in addition to their New Orleans facility. This course may prove harder to find in your area as they start to fill up.

Finished this course today at TRL, the next two are full. Using an app called TurboScan on my iPhone, I submitted the certificate, 719B application., twic and a no change of address to the REC at 1000. By 1330 I had received a message that it was forwarded to NMC! I didn’t do anything but take photos and crop, the app made it into a pdf file!

Northeast Maritime Institute in Fairhaven (New Bedford) MA is now offering both Managerial and Teamworking if you are in this neck of the woods. Also SUNY has classes this summer.


thanks! Been waiting for one up this way.

International Crew Training in Fort Lauderdale now offers; Leadership And Teamworking Skills, Leadership And Managerial Skills along with many other USCG approved courses.

International Crew Training in Fort Lauderdale offers “LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT SKILLS” and “LEADERSHIP AND TEAMWORKING SKILLS” they also offer the MCA HELM courses which are roughly the same requirement on the British side.