LCT Ayu 78 carrying mining equipment sunk/grounded, Aug 2019

Location and actual date unknown, found on reddit.

I don’t think “grounded” really describes what is happening.

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They’re flying an Indonesian flag.

Yeah it looks like they may have “grounded” after sinking. In which case I’m going to imagine the salvors will be praising their wafer thin under keel clearance.

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What would you call it?

I think @DamnYankee described it well enough…It sunk in relatively shallow waters. In my simple mind grounding is when you are hard fast but the seas are below the man deck. If the seas are above the deck, it sank.


This looks like a typical Samarinda built and owned LCT.
She appears to have taken on an attitude of negative buoyancy.

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I found an update, or an update found me, rather. It’s Ayu 78 Here’s a few videos of the crew getting rescued. They’re all three pretty much the same, taken at about the same time.