How on Earth does a ship end up grounding like this today?

must have been down below drinking Concha y Toro?

[B]Chilean Navy Rescues 120 from Passenger Ship

By MarEx 2015-02-06 13:57:49

Skorpios II grounded

Chile’s navy assisted in successfully rescuing 89 passengers and 31 crewmembers aboard the grounded Skorpios II, 14 kilometers southwest of Puerto Montt. There was no report of injuries. The passengers, mostly foreigners, were transferred to Navy Pier Tenglo aboard the PSG Micalvi.

At 06:46 hours on Thursday, the local maritime authority received a distress call from Skorpios II reporting that the the vessel got stuck around 06:20 hours. Naval patrol boats and aircraft immediately deployed to the scene.

Officials immediately dismissed the presence of fuel at sea.

The cause of the grounding is unclear, but is under investigation. Commander in Chief (S) of the Fifth Naval Zone of the Chilean Navy, Captain Germán Toledo, said that "it is a matter of research, I have no hypothesis for now, but already constituted the Maritime Fiscal and we are the first steps. They are all controlled risks.”

Skorpios II is designed to cruise the icy waters of Chile’s fjords, with a capacity of 160 passengers in 55 cabins.

kind of reminds me of this one

Even the guys at Alang don’t usually make it that far… :smiley:

Anyway, the photo is taken during low tide. The ship was successfully refloated later.

That’s what a distracted mate and a 16’ tide will get ya! At least they landed on a sandbar and not a rock.