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Why would any Engineer want to stay and keep them from sinking the way they were treated

Right now, a job if they haven’t found one yet. But be ready if the phone rings from a potential new employer in a moments notice. Always easier to get a job if you have one, pickings are a bit slim as you know. Never said Morty kept them, but hopeful perhaps to protect what he has left, which ain’t much.

Bouchard Transportation Company Inc., based in Melville, which was approved for a federal loan between $5 million and $10 million as reported on the Good Jobs First list in New York. .

PPP loan?

Not sure how that would work ? Given the present circumstances there ? They go back 1 calendar year and figure it as 8wks of payroll, 75%+ of the money has to go towards payroll and your employee #'s better be the same, I was one of the 5% who got the PPP at my convenience store / gas station and followed the criteria but the 5-10mil is a whole other ball game who knows ?
I’m friends with the most senior employee they have left, they are coming back.

Well looks like Morty is behind on some payroll again :joy::joy::joy:

That small stipend he got was not nearly enough for his troubles. A tiny band aid at best.

Details?? :joy::joy:

Same details like before. Supposedly the are not getting funded grub either. They already had some people up north abandon barges. I guess let’s see what happens this time :joy:

Damn. I didn’t even think they had any vessels crewed anymore. Who the hell would continue to work there???

But… has Morty gotten to the bottom of ‘Who did this to Me?’ Yet?? He wrote to his ‘remaining crew’ in February he was going to get right on that. Wonder how the investigation is going!

He also promised a 5% bonus to however stuck it out While waiting for their paychecks back in march -April But that never happened.

Well. That’s not quite true. 5% of nothing is still… nothing!

As of now still no pay, and grub has not been funded. Why won’t those guys just walk off and let the Coast Guard confiscate the vessel ?

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Didn’t the CG threaten these guys with criminal charges for abandonment? (Which is nuts, in my opinion, since it is the owner who has all but abandoned the vessels)

Any verified stories?