Latest MMC and endorsement stats from USCG

Well, months ago I had looked into the whole LG Tankerman thing and though it doesn’t look like the way to go, someone (not on GCaptain) had suggested I ask USCG how many there were to gauge the popularity of the endorsement. Anyway, I found out I had to submit a formal FOIA request so I figured if I was going to wait ages for a response I might as well ask for more stats out of curiosity. I got the letter back yesterday after a couple of months and they gave me a raft of numbers on existing valid MMCs, new MMCs, and some endorsement stats. Apparently between valid, invalid, and dead mariners there are over 2 million people in their system which actually surprised me.

Maybe the below reflects what you see in the maritime industry?

Breakdown of valid MMCs by 10 year age group

Age Group Valid MMC Count
10-19 1,214
20-29 40,511
30-39 73,584
40-49 63,332
50-59 66,521
60-69 67,602
70-79 32,163
80-89 5,761
90-99 349

Original MMCs issued by year since 2010

Year Original MMCs issued
2010 14,457
2011 15,622
2012 15,527
2013 14,979
2014 17,848
2015 15,580
2016 13,617
2017 15,471
2018 15,530
2019 15,257
2020 11,109
2021 13,952
2022 16,356

Tankermen Stats

Tankerman Limitation Tankerman-PIC Tankerman-PIC (Barge)
Limited to Dangerous Liquid (DL) and Liquified Gas (LG) Cargoes 94 743
Limited to Dangerous Liquid (DL) Cargoes 5,419 11,984
Limited to Liquified Gas (LG) Cargoes 51 284
Restricted to Fuel Transfers of Dangerous Liquid (DL) Cargoes on Towing Vessels 1,771 26
Restricted to Fuel Transfers of Liquified Gas (LG) Cargoes on Towing Vessels 5 0

Various Endorsements

Capacity Valid MMCs
Ordinary Seaman 175,697
Wiper 196,917
Able Seaman Unlimited 29,578
Able Seaman Limited 5,076
Able Seaman - Special 4,894
Able Seaman - Special (OSV) 1,020
Able Seaman - Sail 397
Able Seaman-MODU 638
OS, Wiper, and AB 2,523

Masters Unlimited

Age Group Master Oceans Master Any Route
20-29 126 440
30-39 1,171 3,775
40-49 1,173 4,396
50-59 1,304 4,518
60-69 1,649 4,838
70-79 290 942
80-89 22 88

Did you get data for engine room personnel as well?

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Holy smokes, who are the 349 credentialed mariners in their 90’s and what licenses do they hold? I would not have thought such a thing was possible.

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:joy: I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Coal Passers


No. It is easy to ask for QMEDs, DDE etc. but I am sure it won’t get done until late May/June.

I know a couple- he’s 104, she’s 96 (I think) AFAIK, they still both hold 100T Masters. But they bought a bigger boat do yhey could take crew :slight_smile:

We’ve had several coal passers and firemen on my ship in their 60s who outwork the 20 somethings who tend to last but a few weeks.

What does a coal passer do? Or is that a legacy-term, like “wiper”?

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The main task of the coal passer is to ensure that the automatic stokers are kept fed from the bunkers. They also assist the fireman with ash disposal.


Thanks for the info.
I had no idea that coal-fired ships are still in the American fleet. Great Lakes?

I believe @SteamerCook’s avatar image is of the SS Badger:


We are a glorious anachronism. But not for long. The costs of maintaining and crewing a coal fired steam plant are enormous. We have a 20 man engineering department. The plans are underway for a repower and addition of stabilizers and bow thrusters is my understanding.


Pass coal, keep the boilers fire boxes full.

Can you post the number for engineers and engine ratings?

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Don’t have it but I can send USCG an email next week. It took two months for this request so I expect the same.

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