Latest DPO Pay Scale

Just curious to see considering how funky the markets have been recently…

With 2/M Unlimited and full DPO what is the paycale looking like for bridge officers/DPO’s on both OSV side and drilling side?

Coming from OSV’s- I know Laborde is 650, Harvey Gulf is mid 600’s for full DP (and just gave $15-$25 day raises this week), HOS and ECO are a bit higher. Otto Candies is around 775.

I’ve heard Transocean is around 115-120k and Noble a bit higher for 2/M.

What other numbers are y’all confident you’ve heard and believe?

Drilling DPOs are approximately $145,000 per year.

If true that’s for 2M not DPO.

TOI SDPO/DPO is $167/160. Noble is $165/145. Hourly annualized, not dayrates.