Do the bigger companies, such the ones that are involved in multiple sectors of the industry (ie. ECO, Crowley, Hornbeck, Candies, etc.) allow their mariners to lateral between different vessels in different sectors of the industry? For example, working on an OSV in the GOM for a few years then moving to a tug/barge on the west coast. Or once your hired for a specific position on a boat, you really cant expect to move much?

Obviously it all depends on ones experience and license held, but does the possibility exist anywhere in the industry? If one wants a change of scenery does it require looking for a new employer?

Ultimately it is up to you to own your career progression. They are always the options of occassionally working part time when you are off in different sectors within your company or venturing out on your own. It is difficult but not impossible. Pm me for more advice if needed.


I can’t comment on the Gulf, but where I work its impossible in one direction, no problem in another. It really depends. It may take you basically threatening to quit altogether in some instances .

I know some guys at Hornbeck that worked on the Tug and barge side for about 5 years and now he works on the supply boats. So yes it is possible.