To the more experienced guys:
Considering this day and age and what you know now, with all the new regs etc, what would you do differently in climbing your career ladder so to speak? What area would you focus on in the maritime industry, specifically? Towing, oil work, yachting, fishing, people moving? Wheelhouse, engineering?
Say you were still youngish (mid or upper-twenties), and were looking for a challenging and well paying career were advancement opportunities are present for people that showed interest and had the drive to achieve. Soooo…

  1. Industry?
  2. Specific title goal?
  3. Were you would start?
  4. How would you get there?

I think it would be interesting to hear a variety of responses, from different regions. I have been considering a within industry-career change and have no ties and nothing stoping me from going any direction I please. I would like to try them all for a while and find out for myself, but thats not very realistic. Having to many options is harder then having a few it seems. Maybe I could gain some insight from you guys.
Well, lets hear it…