Lapware up or down?

Is it up or down? I am on a mac but loaded up paralles and ran via windows 11 every time i try to log in with my old info the screen just re sets both and won’t take the log in information. i guess i could try a differant e-mail but just wondering what is really going on.

this is on mac and chrome and windows 11 and both and

oh yeah its fucked hard

you get this when trying to buy
There has been a critical error on this website.

Learn more about troubleshooting WordPress.

Yes, I have been keeping up with that but that’s been 3 to 4 days ago and I did get an email from him saying that it was fixed but maybe he was talking about people that already bought it and that’s why I posted a new topic to see what’s going on. Almost a week later.

I got a email yesterday saying everything was fixed and uo and running

Well, as of last night, it’s still broke as shit so… for me at least I guess I’ll have to try again tonight

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Only problem I have is loading solutions from google chrome on my Mac but the other brothers works and chrome on my phone works idk what it is