Lapware support is Atrocious

Holy shit. Do not buy their DRM items.

  1. E-mailed support and hour after downloading that Item that I wanted a Re-fund (I have sent 3-4 support requests and ALL have been ignored.
  2. The file is locked down so hard that you can’t do shit with it to tailer it to your needs in any way shape or form. Example
    *The file is locked to PC only. No mac support flat out no support on any device that does not have windows OS software.
    *Claims to be a E-book file but you can only open the 100000_Rules_of_the_Road_Sept_2015_Ver_3_00.ENC file using a program called “copysafe PDF reader”
    *A program that locks a file so hard that you could not even take a screen shot without it knowing and blocking it out.
  • I get it you want your stuff to be safe but when you lock a file THAT hard the person BUYING the software suffers.
  1. Trying to read the software is like a window inside a window and its fucking annoying because you can’t even use your full screen size what ever it may be. In my case its 15in laptop screen.
    *You can full size the copysafe pdf program but to move tabs or the side window inside the program to the left to get more reading room the program says go fuck your self. You flat out can not do ANYTHING inside the program but going up/down forward/backwards.
    *Then when i go to some random problem that had the solution and clicked the solution at which point lets say you are done and want to go back to were you were WRONG. clicking the back button takes you not back to the problem but back to page 1.

3 books in 1 my ass. $10 book from amazon that I can highlight my damn self. If you need ROTR then you have the Murphy book’s and that leaves you with the solutions book. The solution and the main book are all you need to buy IF that can even be bought by its self. 2 books. I guess it is 3 books but its a repeat of the Murphy rules of the road book which you are going to most likely have.

That file is

Rules of the road Murphy book copy
Rule’s them self’s
misc bullshit you do not need for your test

So trying to read 300+ book on a computer screen in a tiny ass window that can not be changed Fuck that.
Also add to the fact that a PAGE is not really a page like a word or excel page would be. Its a Square with text in it. That’s “a page”

I e-mailed Copyright pdf support from there homepage and they e-mailed me back in 30 min to a answer to my question.

$40 gone. Go buy something you can print and read at a dinner table not hunched over a computer screen reading something thats going to be given to you in a Square block of text. I would take a screen shot but The program won’t let you.

You are absolutely correct! I used them 2 years ago to get my license and got great support. Richard Plant was on the phone with me several times helping me out. But now after paying $150 (oceans upgrade) I can’t even get a response after filling out their form on their website. I am upgrading both a Masters license as well as an unlimited Mate ticket. I had a question about the Nav/Deck Gen mini module. I had a different question I submitted as well. After 4 separate inquiries with no response I was so pissed off I contested the charge on my credit card and got a refund. They never even bothered to reply to the credit card company, which I figured would happen.

Not sure what’s up over there but completely ignoring a paying customer is pretty pathetic. Glad I’m done with all my exams.

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That’s a shame. I got great service when I used lap ware twice. I have always recommended lapware but they ought to make things right and fix their customer issues.

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Wow, a negative review of lapware. I was going to pull the trigger on it this weekend to round out my 500 ton study material, but now I’m rethinking it. I’ve been debating getting a set of murphy’s, and using them in conjunction with the upgrade u app.

Hopefully they’re listening, someone close to them ought to tip them off.

I loved using lap ware studying for my 3rd Mate U/L. I also used Upgrade U on both IPhone and IPad and definitely recommend it. The great thing about the Upgrade U App that I found most useful was taking Rules Tests on the go. I spent hours taking tests on it, wherever I was, until I was mostly-consistently getting 100s.

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Yeah upgrade u is a great program for sure. I’ve been using it off and on for a while now on the iPhone. It’s handy for us Mac guys, and also great for taking tests and studying when your “standing by to stand by”. I was going to try lapware on my Mac, and run an emulator in safari for a Windows based web browser. Has anyone tried this? Could be an expensive experiment.

[QUOTE=swab;177248]Wow, a negative review of lapware. I was going to pull the trigger on it this weekend to round out my 500 ton study material, but now I’m rethinking it. I’ve been debating getting a set of murphy’s, and using them in conjunction with the upgrade u app.[/QUOTE]

The Murphy books I used years ago didn’t have solutions in them. That’s also the only thing lacking from Upgrade U, so don’t waste your money on the books. Try to find a book with solutions to the nav math problems (if you need those), otherwise Upgrade U is perfect by itself.

Captain Joes has awesome solutions and they are super easy to understand. The solutions in Lapware on the other hand seemed like they were geared toward Mathematic graduate students. I used Captain Joes to learn the stuff and Lap ware to for practice tests.


I talked to the guy for 1 hour and 36 min

He was nice and i told him about the problems i was having and the Shit I hated about copy safe pdf. The support system E-mail does not work. He knows this now and it working on fixing it. If you have problems you need to E-mail him direct.

rm.plant @ (no spaces)

I was given the ok to post his e-mail so anyone can get support from him direct. The site says No returns. This is incorrect. If you have a problem you can get a refund and will get a refund. You can full size the screen in copy safe pdf but for me i need more control over what I am and want to do to suit my study needs.

We did talk about other things and that is between me and him out of respect. For me this matter is now closed and the fact that once he found out the system support e-mail is broken took the time to call me and talk with me for 1 hour and 36 min at NIGHT from 8:00pm on past 9:00pm shows me that he does in fact care deeply about his customers big and small

Good night.

Word up! That’s exactly what I did.

I am having trouble getting back in to my lapware account. Trying all day and getting a message redirected me too many times. Unable to get on and have a USCG exam scheduled for next week. I tried the email address you posted:

but it came back as an invalid email address. Do you have any other contact information for lapware. Tried using their online contact messaging (to all three: General, Murphy, and Plant), but no reply. I’ve only had it for two weeks!!


You are absolutely right! I just ordered lapware for the first and only time. I’ll never do it again and I hope there will be other company that would be a competitor. Very bad support. I guess they made plenty of money and we don’t matter to them anymore.

I found Lapware difficult to set up, but once it was up and running it worked fine. Have not used it for awhile. Richard Plant is up there in age. Hope he’s ok.

Try using the materials from The materials were the primary reason I passed the 3rd mate ocean test on the first try.

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I just finished testing for CM/Master AGT Oceans and studied using UpgradeU and my Google fu to find additional solution pdfs on the lapware site. (Hint hint) I highly recommend UpgradeU, though, it’s still set up for the old modules (and I got stuck doing the new Q modules) it still got me through it all with a good score in all the modules.

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Good to hear, and congrats. Glad I could point that app out to you.