Langenfelder Marine and Dann Marine

Good bad and ugly. Does anybody know anything about these places? I have heard some things about Dann (Ches City Dann) that might not be so great… No relief on crew change day, no paid travel ect. Langenfelder seems to be a small outfit with 2 or 3 boats. They seem interested in me. I need to get my foot in the door somehow to get some wheelhouse experience, I cant be a deckhnd forever.


You pretty much asked and answered your own question. You may have to eat crow, and go work for one of these ‘less than desirable’ outfits, to get some wheel time. It MAY wind up if you fit in well that you may want to stay there. However in this economy you should take/keep whatever job you have/can get!

I worked for Dann Marine awhile back, and still have some friends working there. They are not a bad outfit! It is a family owned and operated company, good equipment and treat people ok. You are rite, they do not pay travel, but as far as relief I always had someone there when it was time to go home.

Dann does pay travel, 50% on 20/10, 67% on 30/15 and 100% on 40/20. They are OK, money is on time. Just a few idiocracies that all companies have. No they aren’t perfect but who is?