Lake Michigan May Get Its First-Ever Tropical Cyclone 30 May 2018!

Even at 43N, the clouds looked awful spooky throughout the afternoon. Rain bands started at 5:45 EDT here in Michigan…big gusts, heavy rain, then breaks of sun. The girlfriend is convinced I am nuts because my weather geek was out in full force earlier today!

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@Kennebec_Captain excuse me, but why did you post about a 2-years-ago storm?


Missed that. It showed up in my feed. I checked the the NHC website and when it I couldn’t find it I figured I was on the wrong page and didn’t feel like clicking around anymore…

The staff intern responsible has been fired.


Original post was fine, and informational. Noticed the glitch, didn’t lose any sleep over that. Keep the “intern”. 1st chuckle of the day.

Ah, no worries. I spent 20 minutes looking through satellite image archives for a cyclone in Indiana until I figured it out.

It was big news up here…the wx was definitively NOT a spring thunderstorm. Certainly not as big an impact as Sandy had on Lake Erie, but localized power outages and snapped trees were very common.