Knocking on Doors in Louisiana


Sorry Gulfbear.
Timing is off.
Very little hiring right now…
One can always be an optimist and give it a try, but keep expectations real.

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[QUOTE=A Chateau on the Bayou;176861]Baker Hughes Hiring Now.[/QUOTE]

Lots of jack ups stacked out in Arabian Gulf… I saw 6 in one spot the other day.
Mainly work overs and platform maintenance programs going on now.
Very little exploration or field development for the moment.
i met some kids that got transferred over, but they’re young engineers the company is trying to keep on, basically to have talent for the next up cycle… Annnnd
To replace the expensive old coots that will pack it in now (willingly or not).
Big layoffs shoreside. Sux, but it is what it is.



[QUOTE=Tugted;177645]Don’t waste your time[/QUOTE]

Thanks. I will check out the cost of training for an out of stater at Nichols.



I think I meant Fletcher. Been away from this thread so long I am tripping on myself. I was hoping if I attended school in the area that employers would warm to me and I could make friends. Yes I see things are rather bleak as I catch up reading. Thank you everyone for opening my eyes; I believe I have realistic expectations of what work on the gulf will be like.



HOS is looking for OS and ABs



Thank yuu. That is good news. I will research, apply, and
follow up in person. I just renewed my rfpnw at San Jacinto College’s
new maritime school. The captain that ran my class advised me tugs are
hiring. He said Signet. Any chance to smell the sea air and learn my
trade in these challenging times would be a blessing. I got a well
deserved lecture on avoiding any more sea lawyering. Lesson learned.
Thanks again.



Oil Prices Could Jump 50% by the End of 2016
February 2, 2016



Gulf Resource Management is Hiring, Now.



T Boone Pickens predicts that the cuts in jobs and productions in North America should yield an increase of the oil price to to the $50-$60 range by the end of 2016 so long as the economy does not enter a recession



We have been in a recession since 08, it never ended.



[QUOTE=Fraqrat;178396]We have been in a recession since 08, it never ended.[/QUOTE]

Ain’t that the truth.

The only people with any good reason to think that the 2006 recession (it started with the collapse of real state in 2006) ended are politicians, government employees, doctors, and those who lease Bloomberg Terminals.



[QUOTE=A Chateau on the Bayou;178311]Oil Prices Could Jump 50% by the End of 2016
February 2, 2016[/QUOTE]

Morgan Stanley is throwing in the towel on its upbeat forecast for oil prices this year, slashing its year-end target by 50% as it concedes the global glut in oil isn’t disappearing anytime soon.

The bank’s analysts, Adam Longson, the head of energy commodity research, said Brent LCOJ6, the international benchmark, will continue to fall through the year and average $29 a barrel in the fourth quarter. That implies prices are facing a further 17% plunge from trading levels on Thursday of around $35.

I don’t trust anything with the name bloomberg in it.



Edison Chouest Offshore Brings 1000 Jobs to Gulfport



Those Russian welders will really enjoy the Gulfport area.



[QUOTE=A Chateau on the Bayou;178711]Edison Chouest Offshore Brings 1000 Jobs to Gulfport

And they’ll bring 975 foreigners to the area to do those jobs.



Another corporate welfare program for Chouest.



[QUOTE=pogey-poboy;178777]Those Russian welders will really enjoy the Gulfport area.[/QUOTE]

It has been a few years since I’ve been around a Chouest yard but back around 2012 or 2013 Romanians seemed to be the welders of choice. Perhaps that has changed.



Russian, Romanian, Mexican…doesn’t matter where they come from. They’re cheaper than U.S. citizens which is what it’s all about. Right, Jeaux?



Yes it is way cheaper to fly these highly specialized technicians over here than to hire the ridiculously overpaid locals. Then you build cheap housing and make them pay you rent to live there. The office staff will be comprised of the tax paying citizenry so you can still say you have brought jobs to the area. Then I build cheap vessels paid for by the oil companies and resell them to the government and get paid twice. This is a tried and true business model where everyone wins.



I seem to recall that a year or so ago, a group of big law firms won a pro bono case suing one of the southern shipyards for human trafficking of foreign workers.



I am trafficking in high spec quality built vessels at rock bottom prices.