Kitimat LNG Facility

[QUOTE=rshrew;192194]There has been a ton of money thrown into Kittamat for the LNG port is that still happening?[/QUOTE]

According to stories that came out in July the answer to this question from the supermajors was; “wait and see what the gas prices do, we’ll talk again at the end of the year.” So far, we haven’t heard anything yet. The boom that was sourcing the gas for that proposed facility has gone bust, just like everywhere else.

This page contains a clip from the Haisla cheif talking to CBC Radio, where he explains why they support the port, pipeline, and fracking in NE BC.

His points are worth hearing. He mentions the seldom-heard truth that not all fracking is irresponable and damaging. Politically-confused-science aside, the future of the port in Kitimat will come down to the strength of the gas market. Far as I can tell all the permits are in place, and Premier Clark would really like it to happen, so its on the majors.

Here’s the latest about LNG ports in BC. Kitimat still possible, but Prince Rupert: not.

I don’t know if this has something to do with the Kitimat LNG project??:

I don’t know. The last thing we heard from Shell on the matter was yesterday, where they said that the business case is still being investigated. Gcaptain ran a story a few weeks ago that “something” is happening on the ground there, and people are excited… Property values are all-ready becoming very speculative up there. I’m skeptical about how this is going to work out for Kitimat. If they make it unaffordable for the people who all ready live there, and bring in a lot of fly-in-fly-out workers, whose going to benefit? Good Luck, Kitimat.

Financing of the Kitimat LNG project has been approved and the dredging contract awarded to Boskalis:
Whether good or bad is up to you.