Kiel Canal - Collision between ship and transporter bridge gondola – Report

Conclusion: A confused or negligent bridge operator.

This is the only known transporter bridge whose gondola is suspended on a railway bridge (clearance 42 meters).

Report by the German Federal Bureau of Maritime Casualty Investigation >>>

I’m confused. The accident happened in Jan 2016 and the report first came by out in Dec 2016. Yet the cover page also has a March 2020 date. What’s up with that?

It is an amazing structure!

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Many national and local administrations were involved, and possibly culpable, in this investigation (sea shipping, inland shipping, canal administration, national railways etc.).
As usual, none could accept being at fault; all bureaucracies ordered their own ‘objective’ expertise and then probably counter-expertise… and counter-counter…

January 8, 2016: Incident
January 6, 2017: Mandatory Interim Report, after one year of not finding the truth
March 25, 2020: Final Report, in German only
January 12, 2021: Final Report is published in English, with some minor corrections

I like the whole concept of being able to say with a straight face: “That bridge ran right into me.”