Just got accepted to SUNY Grad License program

I would like to thank everyone who, on this forum, helped me with the application process, advice, tips and encouragement. I used all the advice you guys gave me and it worked. Is there anyone currently attending or will be starting this coming fall? Please let me know since I still have tons of questions.

good luck

What is your plan for housing?

[QUOTE=JaredFromSubway;159643]What is your plan for housing?[/QUOTE]

I have applied for on-campus housing and awaiting review. I planned live on campus for at least a semester. What about you?

I am going to be staying on campus for the first semester and may be move out after that. What are you planning to do? also How many are you going to be taking?

  1. apply for day student application
  2. you will have to attende INDOC so start running and working to be in shape.

Hi there,
I am currently looking forward to persue International transport and mgm programme form SUNY university, currently i am sailing as 3rd engineer on vessels…i have a lots of queries is there anyone who is studying or got admission recently?
what are the job scopes after course completion…i mean hiw about the job placements?
What kind of job you get…i mean on shore or again do i have to go back to sea…i have some really basic level questions…can anyone help me out with this?