Just Getting Started Tips?

Just got my MMC and Twic etc… I would rather not join an apprenticeship program as I want to get started making an income no matter how sporadic work might be. I have enough funds to support myself while going to a union hall everyday for a few months. I also don’t mind sharing a room to help save expenses before I can get work. Ideally I would go for the Engine department and I know it is competitive it is the only department i can work in besides Steward with the vision that I have. Any advice is welcome and appreciated.

It’s a pretty tough time to get into sailing. Oil has really taken a dive and the economy is going to be sluggish for a while. You may want to consider a tug and barge company. Many want an AB though so you won’t get into a top company.

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Unless you have a trust fund you will likely have to work while you wait for a berth, one thing some people have done is work in a restaurant or bar at night so they can make job calls, but of course that won’t happen right now

SIU has the most jobs, but you could try the MFOW, the thing is, getting a room and finding work while you work a Hall is going to be tough right now, you may want try MSC.

Some guys own RV’s and crash in them while waiting.

You can try Coastal looking at one of their deckhand/wiper jobs

Good Luck

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MSC is gridlocked. Try elsewhere.

Or he could do both. Apply to MSC and then get another job to tide him over for a year or so until the application makes it through the process.

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Apply to MSC now. I’ve had a resume in with them since 2017. They let me know there are no license jobs once a quarter. Top notch outfit.

For all you curious out there wondering are you too old to get into the offshore industry…? Well, let me share my experience getting into the offshore OSV world at 50 yrs old in this video. Check it out.

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Literally the worst sector you could get into right now. Or at any time honestly. If it’s the only option use it for the time and a half and upgrade asap.

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It’s like working in the oilfield, whether offshore or inland… is like being in Vegas… sometimes you hit the jackpot, but most of the time you’re lucky to break even and often you’re bust… just know that going into it with your eyes wide open.

Son was offered a job at Theriot for around $450 to $500 a day fresh out of school 5 years ago. Recruiter said “No layoffs here”. Been around a while folks, told him to run, not walk away. Glad he listened. Is Theriot still in business or stacked up?

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Did you say 7-8k/day for Masters?!

Lol… I wish! No… that’s $700-800 / day mates / captains… and $1000 / Master of vessel.


When I heard that at 13:55 I did a double take. Thanks for the video!

Glad you liked it… that was an editing clipping mistake for sure, I was saying seven hundred, eight hundred… a thousand dollars… and after the edit I missed it! Sorry bout that.


No problem, Great video! Direct message coming. I have a question for you if you don’t mind answering.

Who is supposedly paying Mates $700 a day and Masters $1000 a day?

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Sure, no problem… I worked in the GOM from 2012-2016 on OSV’s for ECO, it was tough getting on then too… but that being said; the turnover rate is certainly higher for deck department than the bridge, so all the companies hire AB’s, etc pretty much every month… ECO has tugs too. The oilfield is a roller coaster ride at best, lots of ups and downs, save your money and you’ll be alright. Best way is just to go down there to the bayou and start knocking on doors… that’s how the majority of folks get hired for the gulf jobs.

Good luck with the 1600 exams… I remember they we’re pretty tough!


Why is the turn over rates so high? What was pay rotation?

Cuz deckhands on most boats are glorified janitors. And most “captains” don’t teach the hands dick about navigation, boathandling, etc.