Juice Fruit Tanker Carlos Fisher

Hello! I am youg marine engineer from Latvia.I would like to know if somebody were working on juice fruit tanker like Carlos Fisher or Premium Do Brasil.I am interesting to receive any information about separators,compressors and auxiliary engines which are used on board the ship.Thank you.
You can send me info or manuals to judo-sambo@inbox.lv

There are a couple of references on Google. This one tells a bit about the ship:


I wonder if the builder’s yard would be able to give you a more precise equipment list. It seems the people who write reviews think everyone wants to know what kind of VHF is on the bridge but don’t care that there are other parts installed.

It looks like a very interesting ship in many ways and sure beats the normal tanker trades. Good luck if you are going onboard. You should write a magazine article about the ship and its trade if you sail on it, many of us might be interested in reading about it.

Thank you very much.I will obligatory write about this vessel after my voyage.


A seven-cylinder Wärtsilä Sulzer RTA 84C main engine, with an output of 28,500kW at 102 rev/min, powers a 7.5m diameter Kamewa Ulstein CP propeller. A Flender gearbox on the intermediate shaft provides power take-off for a 2,000kW ABB shaft generator. With the shaft generator engaged, the main engine is run at constant speed. A Becker flap rudder with Frydenb? steering gear provides the main maneuvering capacity, assisted by a Kamewa Ulstein bow thruster.
Kleven Flor? is one of the few yards left in Norway with experience of installing large two stroke main engines and, at almost 1,000t, this was the largest unit that the yard has tackled so far.
Two generator sets using Wärtsilä 8L20 engines and ABB generators each provide 1,820kW while switchboards (Harvest Elektro), engine alarms and monitoring systems were supplied by Norcontrol. Alfa Laval provided the fuel and oil treatment plant with modular purifiers for HFO, diesel and lube oil. A cargo control room is positioned at the forward end of the lowest superstructure deck. Main engine monitoring functions can also be carried out from here.