John Le Carré on Brexit and more

I never knew that you had cancelled a referendum over there.
Are you using Nexit as Netherlands Exit or Next Country to Exit?

The Advisory Referendum Act was a short lived joy. The government and the members of parliament saw the ARA as a threat to them. The people should not have control over important issues, they are not fit for that, it’s there business and decision only, no interference of simple minded people is allowed.

In the Netherlands, from the entry into force of the Advisory Referendum Act[1] (Wet raadgevend referendum) on 1 July 2015, until its repeal on 18 February 2018, most types of primary laws could be subjected to a suspensory, non-binding referendum if requested shortly after royal assent and subsequent proclamation.

Another thorn in the politicians flesh was that the outcome of another referendum
didnot approve of an Association Agreement between the Ukraine and the EU. That was mainly because the Ukraine is a totally corrupt country which you donot want to welcome as a member of your family and also to prevent chemical chickens and meat pouring freely into our marketplace. Ukrainian chicken meat producers are known to ignore all food safety rulings. Here is another one from their bag with tricks.

I think the word Nexit already existed before the Next Country to Exit. Hard to find a replacement word for our Nexit.

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How about Nether Again. :relieved:


Hence the history of humankind. Absolutely nothing new with that statement. It’s the way it has always been with royalists, federalists, dictators supporters, lockstep party followers & so on. What I find disappointing is the followers of the 1-2% at the top don’t see themselves as the oppressors & they think by letting the bureaucrats & 1%'ers control everything they are helping the greater good. One of the US founding fathers who I respect the most who has been quoted on this site several times, Alexander Hamilton, was a strong advocate of the USA having a monarchy instead of an elected president because he didn’t trust the peasants from where he came. Was his intention good? Yes. Was he right about everything? Absolutely not.


So once the Netherlands leaves the EU the citizens will have more say in the county’s affairs because local politicians will have more control… but local politicians are stopping that from happening? I think that argument has a bit of a hole in it.

Cod wars all over again.

That’s right. But we still are a democracy so the voters can decide
In the end which way we will go, providing they use their vote wisely.

Meanwhile the Cod and other cold water species will migrate north with the increasing water temperature in the English part of the North Sea.
The Scots will make a deal with their northern neighbours and secure a quota for their modern fishing fleet.

The English can fight for the remaining resources in their diminished territorial waters. Don’t expect any charity from anybody.

I suppose the only thing worse than having local corrupt power hungry politicians screwing you over at the local level is having local corrupt power hungry politicians in cahoots with like minded villains in other countries screwing you over internationally too?

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Dutch fisherman are mainly stemming from ultra religious tightly knit fishing communities but despite that they are frauding all over the place with quota, over fishing with electric pulse techniques, especially shrimp overfishing also because government oversight is absent for the most part. They surely are going to put the British to the test.


The Dutch trawler Annelies Ilena, 144.9 m length, Gross Tonnage: 14055 t, can empty the sea in no time. Probably for tax reasons the ship is sailing under the flag of Poland. They don’t like to contribute to the Dutch economy.

Hamilton could never be elected in the US now, too politically incorrect. He wasn’t even born in the USA and he was a bastard child. He was very bright and contributed a great deal to the Federalist Papers. His more extreme ideas were refined by calmer minds but he still left a notable imprint on the USA. Dying before the age of 50 in a duel was a sad lack of judgement.


I enjoyed the musical.

We haven’t entirely given up on kings. We have Burger King, Muffler King, King Kong, Stephen King, King College, the LA Kings, BB King, the Lion King, King size beds, the list goes on…


I have high hopes for Hamilton to win his 7th World Championship this year.

Infamous Dutch “super trawler” that has been haunted and hated all over the world.
Originally built as Atlantic Dawn at Sterkoder Yard in Kr.sund, Norway in 2000 as a purely pelagic trawler and going for horse mackerel worldwide:
Presently registered in Poland and now fishing in UK waters

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This freeze trawler was originally named KW 174 “Annelies Ilena”, owners Parlevliet & Van der Plas, was flagged to Poland as GDY 151.

According to director Diederik Parlevliet, that was the only thing that changed. Name, the crew (with the skippers Hugo Groen and Matthias Stam for the two teams), fishing plan and unloading place IJmuiden remain unchanged. Parlevliet mentions as a reason for flagging the possibility of “pouling” the horse mackerel quota in the South Pacific. “Because it is a huge journey back and forth for European ships fishing up the European quota off the coast of Chile, it is easier to do that with one large ship, which will stay there longer,” Parlevliet said.

The trawler had already on a regular basis been fishing for horse mackerel in the South Pacific, and was also deployed in the North Pacific for cloning hake in Canadian Vancouver.

In 2015 captain Gerrit Plug was convicted and fined for illegal fishing in Irish waters.


Gerrit Plug died in 2017 at the age if 60 in a hospital in Glasgow. The previous week he had fallen ill on board the trawler KW174 Annelies Ilena and taken to the hospital.

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The Brexit negotiations are spicing up. Particularly with regards to fishing, there is a problem between Norway, the UK and EU. People say the UK has a pretty bad deal with regards to fishing rights, one of the reason many ex-fishing towns voted Brexit.

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