Japanese Consulate cancels workday for target practice in New York

:pIt has been rumored that the Japanese Consulate in New York City has declared the work day finished and is heading to Chelsea Piers for some golf practice. If this proves to be true, it is expected drives from the pier’s range will exceed all previously held records for distance. The inspiration for this decision apparently has to do with the M/V Steve Irwin which is moored at the end of the driving range. It’s said it should provide inspiration to every “Tiger wannabe”. It has also been reported that the waiting list for slots on the range has inspired the owners of Chelsea Piers Recreation Center to stay open 24/7 until the backlog can be served or the Irwin leaves. It appears that sushi bars throughout the tri-state area are closing early to get in order to get in some swings. There’s no truth to the rumor that there will be a shortage of balls to hit, the ball shag operator may have collapsed in exhaustion but the management assures all there will be sufficient ammun…uh, balls for the duration of the Irwin’s stay. :wink: There’s no evidence the Irwin will receive a share of the proceeds, that would just be wrong.

Thanks for the thread Capt,this really made my day !!!