Japan - Fall Out In The Pacific - Notice To Mariners

gCaptain has spent the last few days working with a few government agencies (AMVER, NOAA, NASA) to determine the extent of the fallout over the pacific. As of this morning we have been unable to find any notice to mariners or other information regarding fallout zones.

We have been assured by MARAD that they will gather the relevant information and disseminate a nav warning asap but, until then, I wanted to open up this thread to our members.

If anyone has information or links relevant to other mariners in the area of Japan please post it as a comment below.

Currently I know Matson Navigation Co. has routed their latest vessel (M/V Manukai) departure leaving Shanghai to head South of Japan before entering the Pacific for the crossing to the US West Coast. Maserk Lines has issued directions to route around the affected area.

US Naval vessels are now operating North of and upwind of the Fukushima Power Plant with additional support vessels heading to the West side of Honshū.

As of this afternoon requests for guidance from local USCG Districts have been kicked up to HQ but there has been no guidance with the exception of avoiding the 50 mile zone.

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[/SIZE][/FONT]Notices to Mariners address
[/SIZE][/FONT]In the same link, for pdf

[B]MARAD – advisory re Japan [/B]
The Maritime Administration (MARAD) issued an Advisory stating that, due to radiation leaks from the damaged nuclear power plant near Fukushima, Japan, vessels are urged to avoid transiting within 50 miles of that site (37-19 North, 141-01 East). This cautionary area may expand depending upon prevailing wind and weather. In the event that a vessel bound for the United States has transited within the cautionary area, the master should submit transit information, including the date and total time within the cautionary area, to the cognizant USCG Captain of the Port (COTP) using the comment block on the 96-hour advance notice of arrival (ANOA). (3/17/11).