Eyesea - Ocean Cleanup Initiative

What a great initiative just launched by people in the maritime industry to help with tracking of ocean debris and pollution. Finally, actual maritime leaders stepping up and writing the narrative.

This is something Gcaptain should write about.

most of this would go away if they’d string a net across a few big rivers in china, africa etc.


From the link:

“By identifying and tracking patterns of pollution over time, stakeholders will also be able to focus resources and policies to improve prevention.”

I don’t know how but I guess they don’t know which rivers & ports or what countries the pollution is coming from? They’ll need donations & mariners to send them pictures of the floating trash so they can go to those places to get those governments to change their policies & law enforcement concerning litter? Sounds like one of those scam shakedown organizations that tried to sell carbon credits. Good luck to them.

Seeing who is involved, it seems legit. At least someone is trying to do something and make it easy. I assume they will work with other non profits to arrange cleanups, but instead of guessing, they will have the data to target certain areas.

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I would give it a go, why not. Who is involved? Most companies looking for ESG/CSR initiatives, seems this would add value.

From my understanding, some of the major Flag states have backed it, and apparently numerous large shipping companies are already utilizing it onboard.

Et cetera should include Japan and Korea. Japan especially is a real paradox, for a nation that lives on and by the sea and honors it so much in art the amount of plastic trash they throw in the water is mind boggling.


Vessels traveling those waters will need increased internet bandwidth & to hire full time photographers!

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No, they wouldn’t need bandwidth, because your phone time stamps the date, time and position of a photo, and then once you get within range of towers, it would automatically update, inserting that photo in the position. If they have current data, they could model the movement of debris/trash.

How does the phone know where it is or where it’s been when it’s out of range of a tower?
edit: I just realized my phone has gps.

My point is, it’s common knowledge for mariners & those who can read to know which parts of the world has garbage floating everywhere. It plays hell on sea strainers for the E/R crew & the bridge crew see it nonstop while on watch. We don’t need a new non-profit for that, it sounds like a environmentist shakedown to me because many places are notorious for throwing trash into the sea.

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In way of a bit of balance to a misleading headline:

I wouldn’t write it off. Did a search for the company on LinkedIn, doesn’t have environmentalists as the key people, but it had a who’s who of shipping. Best to embrace instead of being an outlier.

As in?

The more people who see how much crap is in the water and where, the better. It takes publicity to force change, the sides of US highways were a national disgrace until a little old lady from Karnack, Texas was given a voice.


Simply type eyesea into search bar in LinkedIn, filter by people or content. Was actually a bit impressed by the list, and that takes alot for this grumpy pants to get impressed.

Interesting, thanks for that lead. Some of the big flags(Liberia and Bahamas), Wilhelmsen, Chartworkd, Tapitt, Zeaborn, MPC Container Ships, NAMEPA, Finance people too.

Exactly ! Lady Bird Johnson just politely told folks to stop being pigs. It became a point of national pride to keep the country clean. It worked. Littering laws followed. Exposing countries piggish behavior may embarrass them enough to do something. Put photos of their crap in the water on the front page of newspapers.