Cleaning up the oceans

The attempt to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch was discussed here earlier:

Soon a new technique will be tried:

Wish them the best of luck.

Might I suggest if you want to clean up the oceans, don’t start in the middle of the Pacific - been there and there’s no rubbish there. Try the waterways around say Indonesia or the Philippines. Plenty of rubbish there. Better still, stop people throwing rubbish in their rivers and drains.

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Agree 100% @Jughead. This company has raised millions and millions of dollars, and hardly accomplished what other volunteer groups on land and beaches can do with only a couple hundred dollars. Another wasted investment.

Maybe start here: You can download their app.

You have obviously been in the wrong part of the Pacific Ocean.
Or maybe so long ago that plastic wasn’t invented yet??:

Actually there are two garbage patches in the North Pacific:

And more in other Oceans that you are not familiar with:

Yes that and reducing the use of plastic bags by adding a cost at the supermarket, liker it is done in many countries:

Reducing use of plastic wrapping on just about anything would also help.

Yes, but you can find a lot closer to home.That may be a good place for you to start doing your bit:


Try listening to a REAL environmentalist, a founder of Greenpeace and someone who actually goes out and studies the various myths of the eco-activists.

He has a succinct summary; “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch twice the size of Texas is killing the oceans (actually it does not exist).” But he explains it better in the podcast. Do listen. You may learn to temper your zealotry.

Or you could read his book.