Cleaning up the oceans

In my county as punishment we put felons to cleaning the sides of highways of trash.
$31 million to do what 2 15-man crews of drunk drivers, wife beaters and petty theives holding idiot sticks do…for free… every week.
Now, it’s a silly comparison of course, but this ks a silly subject. For some reason a few folks here get all excited for fishing for plastic in the middle of the ocean, but won’t say one bloody word regarding improved accountability for the nations that are at fault. Instead, in a ‘spoons made me fat’ argument, they blame 1st world manufacturers and consumers. Always, with the finger pointing. And yet ignore THIS turd in the punchbowl.

Yes, western nations manufacture some of the trash that eastern nations dump in the pacific. Reducing that is helpful. Western nations are still selling their trash to the 3rd world. Also something bad, considering where some of it ends up. Strange, though, you never see anyone here saying ‘Hey, those Asian and African countries should stop that shit.’ It’s almost as though some folks here consider them to be incapable for some reason, as if their expectations are lower because of some sort of… reasons. Hmmmm. Strange.

Programs that try to stop garbage from leaving those 10 rivers obviously have the greatest potential for effectiveness. And yet those same companies get scant attention in favor of high-visibility/low effectiveness programs.

To close with a metaphor, the felons with idiot sticks I mentioned do nothing to stop drivers from throwing more trash out the window.

This looks promising …

i don’t think i’ve been on this page before but i have been in the two garbage patches, several times i’m told. I don’t recall seeing anything but i could of been down below too, besides, who’d take a ship into that crap, wherever it is?
generally recycled plastic isn’t that efficient to ‘recycle’, cheaper to make new stuff. (usually)
well, unless you get govt. ‘help’!
yes, most of it comes from out asia way, handy stuff but gawd, they just toss it, like water bottles in SW Asia!

and just think how much of it has sunk! after barnacles and such finally weigh it down!!!