Jacob Stolt-Nielsen

For all those who think that ALL Shipowners are just greedy, none-caring, hard nosed capitalist that don’t care about their crews, their safety or well being, should take the time to read about Jacob Stolt-Nielsen:

I had the honour of meeting him only once. In 1972 at a small shipyard in Aberdeen Harbour, Hong Kong. I was taking delivery of a “Multi-purpose Utility Carrier” (MPUC Puffin) that was built there for some “Housing Sharks” in Oslo.
He was crawling all through the hull of another small Landing Craft type vessel under construction that he had invested in.

No big airs, just another “working stiff” in a dirty coverall that was doing a job to the best of his abilities.

PS> He may not be typical, but there are many like him in the shipping world.

I thoroughly endorse what you say. A very good friend of mine was master with the company then. We seem to have lost something in the shipping industry of today.

I believe you worked for a German shipowner that was somewhat similar in attitude to Jacob Stolt-Nielsen?
Both came from shipowning families, but had some compassion for the crews that worked for them, regardless of their race and nationalities. (??)

One more Norwegian shipowner I have met once that doesn’t fit the mould is Fred Olsen Sr.:

(Sorry, if you want to read the whole article it is going to cost you a few $$)

No formal higher education, but one of the smartest persons I have met.

He was the first Norwegian to get into OSVs by having a few built in the US in the 1960s

He was behind converting an old Whale Factory Ship to a a drillship (named Drillship), also in the 1960s.

He owned Aker Shipyard when they built the first Offshore rig to be built in Norway, the Ocean Viking in 1967
That led to the development of the Aker H3 Semi-subs design that became the gold standard for mid-water floaters to this day.

He was behind starting a Norwegian Oil Exploration company, Saga Petroleum, in 1972.

In 1974 he bought up a small GoM Drilling contractor, Dolphin Drilling Inc. He adopted the name to form the largest Norwegian drilling company, operating worldwide.

He owns Fred Olsen Cruise lines and Timex watches, as well as ferries in the Canary Isle.

Fred Olsen Wind Carrier is one of the main contractors installing offshore wind farms in the North Sea, US and beyond.