Is there drug testing involved to join SIU of Canada

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why would you care? if you do drugs, I would not want you working with me

I can not believe this question is even being asked.

They drug test for almost every transport job in the US and Canada which includes airlines, railroads, maritime, road transport etc.

Drug tests are done for jobs cleaning fish in Alaska or washing dishes on an offshore rig.

I’ve been drug tested dozens of times for pre-employment and random checks for maritime jobs. Very strict and I know the USCG will pull your credentials in a heartbeat if you fail ANY exam for drugs or alcohol. Sure it’s the same up North. Why even risk your job and career?

Heck, drug tests are done at Wal-Mart and Toys R Us to run registers and stock shelves.

Best to stay sober and clean when in this industry.

Geez, the guy asks a simple question and he gets slammed, kicked in the nuts, and insulted with everything but an answer … WTF is wrong with you guys?

Short answer is no, there is no SIU requirement for a drug test to join. See the US membership application: and the Canadian membership application" Note the SIU Canada requirements for submitting a membership application:

Please note that all application forms must obligatorily be accompanied by the following documents along with
copy of any other marine related certification you may have:
- STCW Basic Safety
- Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats other than Fast Rescue Boats
- Valid Transport Canada Marine Medical Examination Fitness Card
- Canadian citizenship card and valid Canadian Passport
- Permanent residence, valid passport from country of birth and Visa (type C1- Class D)
- Certified Criminal Record Check

Outside the US, most maritime authorities do not require drug or alcohol testing. It is an American invention that does not apply to those who produced the laws that require it.

I read it like he was asking if he had to be able to pass it, not if he was required to submit proof of passing it.

It was a short question, I gave a short answer, the wrong answer but an answer nonetheless…

[I]"… the wrong answer but an answer nonetheless… "[/I]

Is that all that matters?

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OK cappy, It was the wrong course but it was a course nonetheless.

[QUOTE=Steamer;47867][I]"…OK cappy, It was the wrong course but it was a course nonetheless.[/QUOTE]

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I wasn’t trying to insult anybody and my apology to the OP if my post came across that way.