Is the Wizzinator being sold in Norway?

Thinking about the differences between marine employment In American and the rest of the civilized word.

I’m just wondering if the Whizzinator is sold in Norway. Or if there is any need for a product like that in Norway.

Never seen, heard or needed it. But we do need to pee in a cup once a year during a random drug test.

If you fail you get a disciplinary action by the company.

Have sailed on a bunch of different vessels and the amount of people I would call sketchy has been minuscule.

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Yes, thanks. I use ridiculous much time trying to catch writing errors but alas some always escapes me.

Dyslexia sucks balls.

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I had never heard of the Whizzinator either until recently. I am amazed that it exists. I had heard of guys “packing piss” (usually a small child’s) to their drug tests.

I don’t see a lot of sketchy drug people onboard, but the ones I do see are certainly memorable.

In the US, the drug test results may be done by clinics for either the USCG or the company. Companies must report the results. In the event of failure, the company fires the guy and reports it to the USCG. The USCG suspends the guy’s CoC for a long time. I’ve had this happen with a handful of guys over the years.

The USCG also requires post incident testing, including at sea. I had to take a class to become a “certified piss collector.”

I was hoping I might make a few dollars for my old age distributing the Whizzinator in Norway, but maybe there is not enough demand.

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Would be a meagre old age.

Alibaba & Amazon, everything is sold everywhere. No mariner anywhere is admitting to buying or using a Wizzinator to pass a piss test. Might as well start a thread titled, “Who Likes The Smell of Cocaine?”


Ahh. My understanding of the expression “piss taker” has been added to.

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The Whizzinator? I am still gobsmacked that such a product exists. After all that serious talk about Bouchard, I was being a bit whimsical, and tongue in cheek, when I started this Whizzinator thread.