Is one union better than another?

I’d like to know what are the differences (if any) between the MM&P and the IBU,
If there are two similar companies who have overlapping areas of operation, say on the Columbia River, but have their employees each in a different union, would it be more advantageous to get on with one union over the other? I’m talking about for Deckhands, and Mates & Masters of Towing?
I did a search and didn’t come up with anything, so any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Request to look at the CBA for both and make your own decision,probably would be your best bet.

Nope. From what I’ve seen MMP and IBU are similar, just a different address to send your $1000 a year to

I am an IBU deckhand in San Francisco bay. I can’t speak to the difference in contracts on the Columbia river, but here in SF Bay,the IBU contract is much better then the MMP contract. At the company I work for the Masters and Mates(or 2nd Capts) are management, so can’t compare the two contracts for those positions. As jmad said if you can get a look at the different contracts to compare them, you will have a better idea.

I always thought IBU was a derivative of SIU? … don’t forget SUP, I think they’re a pretty tight outfit. Although I’m engine I sailed pumpman once for their Seattle Branch.

Most in our west coast towing company call it I.B.Useless. Not impressed at all.

Welcome to the forum Allision. Can you give us an explanation in 50 words or less?

Just seems to be an overall lack of support for our company. Takes a lot to get any grievance taken care of. We have absolutely no representation during contract negotiations. Not thrilled with defined benefit pension program. Just overall I’m not thrilled with the IBU and many others in my company feel the same way; Hence the I.B.Useless. Went over my limit.

That is a shame. I understand. I run into similar situations with MM&P. Seems as though these days unions are not what they once were.