Inland Boatman's Union

Wondering if anyone has some experiences with IBU they could share.

I’ve been working in the Northeast for the last six years and could use a change of scenery. While I’ve done quite well and am able to work alongside almost anyone, it’s not quite my element you could say. Which is probably more a testament to the camaraderie of those in our profession rather than a statement of my contributions.

Anyway, I’ve been submitting applications and resumes to a number of companies on the West Coast. I enjoyed the Northwest so much when I got out of the Army at Fort Lewis that I stayed in Washington. I’m applying to the larger companies and many of them are handled by IBU or SIU. I already have a decent handle on SIU as my son sails with them. IBU on the other hand is a mystery so I’m wondering what kind of experience I might expect.

Anything you can share would be greatly appreciated.

I was a member of the IBU from 1981 - 1987 as a AB. I have worked with IBU guys now for the last 10 years or so having worked for Crowley. At Crowley the IBU represents the Engineers, Deck Tankermen, and Deckies. The IBU is a stand up union, no payoffs to get a job etc. There is a office / hireing hall in Seattle at Fishermans Terminal in Ballard, I think it costs $25.00 to register. Most of the time however you get a job then you have a period of time to join the union. I think Seattle is their only hireing hall. When I talked to a Rep the other day he said most of the time you get a job first. Foss is IBU on deck and I think the ER. Sause Bros is IBU top to bottom. Crowley is IBU on Deck and ER MM&P in the wheelhouse. I think Dunlap is IBU on Deck and ER. The Washington State Ferries are IBU. I can’t think of others right now. I hope this helps.

Alaska Marine Highway

Hawai’i Tug and Barge/Young Brothers and Sause in Hawai’i. IBU local hall there as well.

Thanks everyone. Just trying to get a feel for them, that’s all.

Manson Constructions hopper dredges and tug boats are IBU.