Is gCaptain feeling okay?

Is it just me or has gCaptain not been available intermittently for the past few days? Spammers or did somebody forget to pay the bills?

hell I thought it was just me…I am currently "tethered w/ evdo 3g…availability has been intermittent…loads slow…my profile page is corrupted as well…guess any gcaptain is better than no gcaptain???

Yea I’ve noticed it too - what’s the deal?!

Yes, we’ve been having some problems this past week. If you ever notice that the site is loading slow or not at all, it’s because we are hit with flood of traffic and our server simply can’t handle the load and crashes.

We’re working on this problem with our host but they aren’t really able to make any changes that will fix the problem going forward. If anyone knows how to optimize a MYSQL database, we’d be happy to hear from you because I sure don’t.

The good news is that the growing popularity of our sister site,, is forcing us to upgrade our server and we are in the process of doing that hopefully by October 1st. However, John is in Korea and Tim, John’s brother who runs unofficialsquaw, is down in South America so as you can imagine this is process is not moving as quickly as you and I would like.

So please hang in there as we’re dealing with these problems and hopefully we can get them resolved soon. If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me directly.


PS: As far as the spammers go, those guys can rot in hell. GO GET A REAL JOB.

What’s going on with this?


not sure…maybe something I inadvertently did…when I “click” user cp>my profile> page then comes up vertically formatted and scrambled…that is my best explanation??

**also site clock is off…I have tried to reset it on numerous occasions??


Does it look like picture below?

That is something we did, well sort of. It’s just what it does with the new left sidebar (<—). The way it looks depends on the size window you have open. If it’s a small window, it can look strange (below).

I’m hoping to find a way to make this more appealing to the eye.

As far as the time settings, that’s been an ongoing thing. I’ll ask on the vBulletin forum and get some suggestions.



thank you…closing the favorites sidebar took care of the profile page issue…also am aware of the on going time tick issue…sorry for the trouble but today’s technology is very humbling to me!!