Is Crowley Buying Polar?

Late summer Overseas started moving around their fleet and the rumor was that they were positioning for a buyout from Crowley but my source said a buyout of Polar was more likely.

Today there is still no work for the Houston, Nikiski or Martinez and rumors are resurfacing about Crowley’s interest in Polar.

Anyone hear anything more concrete about this?


The Houston, Nikiski, and Martinez are all working. Maybe not on long term charters, but getting enough spot work to keep them working.

Now the real question is that according to their third quarter earnings call, OSG is apparently bareboating another Jones Act MR tanker first quarter next year…where’s THAT coming from??


It’s odd that this important topic is not generating more interest, information, and discussion.


You’d think that with all the people that work for the 3 companies involved, somebody would know something.