Is APL (US flag) building new ships?

I’m hearing rumors that APL is building ships to replace the 6 they have on the USWC to far east run. Can anyone confirm/deny/expound on this?

I haven’t heard anything regarding building new ships but months ago before the eagle replaced the ship (currently blanking in the name) on Persian gulf run. I heard they were thinking of adding the eagle but keeping another feeder vessel for a total of 10 US flagged vessels regardless of receiving an additional MSP billet. However I guess that fell through.

APL Gulf Express

Maybe someone has confused this article as being new?:

Here is one of the 1988 built APL ships, “President Kennedy”:

Not a new ship but a new name for feeder APLOceania, ex CMA CGM DAKAR, ex SEABOXER III,

Nice find, but this is a small feeder vessel running Korea to Guam/Saipan.

The rumor I heard was for ships that will probably be more in the 7-10k TEU range. And new builds make sense due to their more efficient engines and the long runs these ships would undertake (42 day round trips USWC-Japan-Korea-China and back).

Hmm… the APL Islander? Or something similar?

Yes I’m aware of that:

The present fleet on that run is berween 10-20 years old , all with twin diesels (MAN B&W & Wartsila Sulzer) so it would make sense to renew the fleet, with engines ready for Methanol/Ammonia or other non-fossile fuel alternative. (Ready for IMO 2050)

PS> Maybe some of the CMA GCM newbuildiings will be destined for the APL US-flagged fleet?:

I would agree this is probably the case. I believe there are 9 APL ships enrolled in the MSP program. As those ships age out, or the particular service needs change, new ones will be brought in.

What do you mean ‘twin diesels’?

Twin engines = Each ship with 2 Main Engines

According to APL’s US-flag fleet specs:
The older (Korean built) ships have 2xMAN B&W-12K98MC-C6-TI Propelling Engines
The newer (China built) vessels are equipped with 2xWARTSILA SULZER-10RT-FLEX96C-B-TII
Or am I reading this wrong?

I read it the same way but am confident in saying that it is a typo. A 6552 TEU ship with twin 57,000 kW (76,400hp) engines would be a sight to see.

For comparison, the Maersk Triple-E ships have a twin main engines each rated at 29,680kW (39,800hp) and that is for a 1,300 foot/18,000 TEU ship.

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A typo repeated 6 times?
(Maybe copy and past??)

Think they meant two stroke just a guess


Hearing the new APL ships are part of this order:

APL (US flag) will get 7 of the ten 5500 TEU ships listed in this article.

Scheduled for delivery to US flag beginning in February.