APL buyout?

Some talk here in Dutch Harbor about American President Lines getting bought out. Could not find any press releases on their websites, or any other news online & was wondering if you guys heard anything. Thank you :slight_smile:

Wonder if matson has made the move being they bought horizon lines. I hear the consumer is working alaska now.

[QUOTE=rshrew;167480]Wonder if matson has made the move being they bought horizon lines. I hear the consumer is working alaska now.[/QUOTE]

I understand the Consumer took the place of the Matsonia after she had her problems. Given the Consumer has recently departed Honolulu it doesn’t appear to be working in Alaska at the moment. She probably will however when the D7s head off to the shipyard to get scrubbers installed.


She was just in Oakland, on the 13th.

I would say it’s more likely that APL is considering pulling out of dutch and rerouting ships to avoid dealing with the local branch of ILWU (Maersk already has started looking to alternate ports)

Thank you for these insights, tradsailor.
Right now the Maersk containers are in the Matson yard. I don’t know how long that will last, or what would be an alternative location for Maersk. Also, I don’t know how Maersk or APL would be able to get their containers of fish if they did not come to Dutch Harbor, as this is where the fishing vessels come to off-load & also there are several processing plants here. Lynden seems to be moving in here though, getting more business here moving freight & they also bought Northland. Seems like a lot of changes may be in the works here.
I’d appreciate any further thoughts you may have on this. Thank you :slight_smile:

Actually, the Dutch Harbor longshoremen are the best that I’ve ever seen. I am sorry to hear that they are getting too greedy and driving business away.

Last I knew, Northland was mostly using their own IBU crew as longshoremen on their own docks. Northland is also super efficient at handling cargo.

Currently, Northland is barging containers of fish from all over the Alaska Pennisular and Bristol Bay to Dutch Harbor for transshipment on container ships. If Maersk does not want to call at Dutch Harbor, they could have Northland barge their containers of fish to Kodiak instead of Dutch, and also barge the containers in Dutch to Kodiak for transshipment. They would have to be really pissed at the Dutch Harbor longshoremen to do that.

The rumors are probably wrong.