Hello all, newcomer here. My name is Bill and stumbled on this forum and thought it might lead to getting back on a boat deck. I’ve longlined and gillneted out of Barnegat Light NJ quite a few years ago and now I’m stuck in Ohio and want back in. Obviously pounding the docks are out so I’m going to try it digitally.

Welcome to gCaptain, Bill.

There is a TON of info on the forums, you need to just check the threads and see what there is.

You said you did commercial fishing, this tends to be more deep-sea/Gulf of Mexico/Tug & Barge kinda folks on here… Some of us have also worked in the fishing fleet as well.

Hi, kind of late replying but I thought I’d suggest that you look for a job as processor with one of the larger companies in Seattle like Trident seafoods. It’ll suck for awhile but you’ll make a couple of hundred a day and get your foot in, if you work hard and have any skills you’ll move up quickly.

kinda late myself but noway! I would were I totally green and wanted to fish the left side but I’m an east coaster.