Alaskan longlining/processors

500 ton master from Maine with a strong commercial fishing background. I am currently seeking a mates site on longliner/processor in AK. Any help pointing me towards good companies would be appreciated. Thanks!! Dean Paine.

Try trident seafoods or icicle seafoods they run most of them.

Thanks I’ll look them up. Sent applications to Alaskan Leader Fisheries and Bearing Select. Also fired one off to Prowler Fisheries this morning. Any and all help is appreciated!!!

There is a recent ad for a 3/M on a processor with Premier Pacific on the jobs site here.

Thanks, I’m going to look for it.

I am new to this site. When I search under marine employment for premier pacific nothing comes up. Is that where the employers post Job listings??

The disaster about there spill comes up thoe.

Go to the top of this page. On the right it says “Blogs forums News Jobs”. Click on jobs and you get taken to another part of GCaptain.

Thanks, found it. Never would have found that on my own.

My 500t ticket won’t get me that job,but I’ll keep looking. Thanks again.

Well good luck anyhow. Maybe you could apply there as an A/B.

Yea guess I could. I have fired off 11 applications this week. I want to use my head not my back anymore:)… If all else fails I have anchor handling experience in the gulf and Tidewater seems to be always hiring. This Maine boy would rather be cold than hot thoe.Something will come through,always does. I want to use my license and fishing knowledge together. I have worked tugs in Alaska back in 96, Nenana to None while the ice was out. It was a 6 month on 6 month off hitch. My women threatened to kill me if I didn’t find a shorter rotation. Where do you work Bud??

Apparently not easy to be fishing with longlines in the Bearing Sea these days, being outsmarted by Orcas: