Internships on the river

Hello everyone,
I am currently a junior in high school and was wondering if there are any internships or things like that on the Mississippi River or any where around New Orleans? I plan to attend a maritime academy and my final goal is to become a pilot, although I don’t have any family members who are pilots, I am going to try my hardest to get accepted into it. I just want to see what a day in the life of the maritime field is like. I apologize if this isn’t an acceptable question or on the wrong board, but I haven’t been able to find this anywhere else.
Thank you

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Great question, the WWII museum in New Orleans has a PT boat. You could volunteer out there. I don’t think you’d need to get an MMC as their boat is under 100 tons.


I’d say go ahead and call the pilot offices and tell them you want to job shadow them and about your interest in a maritime academy. If they’ll do it then they’ll probably give you the phone number of a pilot and you’ll have to call and ask.

I’m was in a somewhat similar situation. If I may ask, what academies are you looking at?


I visited TAMUG a few weeks ago and loved it especially because of how close it is to home and it felt very modern in my opinion. I plan to visit Cal and SUNY once they resume in person tours.
Thanks for all the other advice

If you go to Texas make sure and be careful who you mention wanting to be a pilot too. There a long history of rowdy Louisiana pilots kids that have cast a shadow on some Louisiana kids especially amongst faculty. I was told that by current students. That and the lack of a school ship was a big reason why I chose Maine

Thanks for the advice, heard the same thing about the ship there. I’ll look around at all my options.

Doesn’t matter what academy you go to, get your license at the school that fits you best. If you have the connections now or later on, good for you. There is a very long line ahead of you.


I don’t know about that. The student experience at Cal sucks a lot less than SUNY.

I can’t or won’t compare one school against the other. The goal is to get the unlimited license at the most comfortable place one can attend. Financially and logistically. There are quite a few choices. Above average grades will help quite a bit. Particularly Math.

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