Advice for Maritime Admissions

Hello members of gCaptain.

I am a Sophomore in high school in Louisiana. I am hoping to one day to be a Bar pilot which would have me piloting boats in and out of the Mississippi River. To increase my chances to being able to be one one day, I was advised to go to a Maritime Academy. I have a bit higher than a 3.5 GPA, in some honors classes, plan on continuing my education in Spanish for all five years, economics, or joining my school’s JROTC classes. I am only allowed two extra curricular classes Junior and Senior year, and also must take a fine arts class to graduate, and am in the wrestling team, National Spanish Honor Society, and hoping to be in the National Honor Society (still waiting to see). I took the ACT this year and made a 24. I was wondering which of the extra extracurriculars you would advise for a Maritime Academy, how my grades are, and if I am on the right track.

I would appreciate any advice you have, and tell me what Maritime Academy you were accepted to, what grades you had. I really want to be a Bar pilot.
I was thinking either TAMUG, or King’s Point. King’s Point because it’s free, and Texas because it’s cheapest, close to my home, and on the gulf, where I would mostly be working. Any advice on to increase my chances and what I should do would be fantastic!

I discovered these forums yesterday and I am glad to find a place of people who are of the same profession I hope to be in one day.

Wow, Bryant, I am sincerely impressed.

First off, welcome to gCaptain and welcome to the best industry in the world. I have to compliment you on a couple things. It is a rare sailor that takes the time to spell check, let alone construct a complete and coherent sentence, so you are already way past most of us in social and intellectual skills. Secondly, to be so focused on a goal at your age is a pretty cool thing. I thought I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was a high school sophomore. (So glad I took all those chemistry courses in college, but I digress.)

Well, I’m a hawsepiper so I didn’t go to an academy. Sorry, can’t answer your questions about that, but no worries, I know that plenty of folks will respond to your post. This forum is the best resource for professional mariners on the internet, so good for you for reaching out.

Good luck with your goals and safe sailing!

As someone who went to one of the academies, don’t worry about getting in with that resume. The state academies will take pretty much anyone with a pulse. KP might be a different story, but I didn’t even bother applying there, so I can’t help you out.

Ditto what Captain Fran said.:slight_smile:

I wish I knew about the maritime industry when I was your age. I would likely have elected to attend an academy as well…

I’d suggest sending a PM to “Fuji”. He’s an academy insider- and sure to provide insightful info.

Good luck!:slight_smile:

Thank’s guys, I appreciate the responses. I will do as Ordinaryseaman suggests and send a message to Fuji!

Send me an email at
I found myself in your position as a jr in high school and ended up at Kings Point

If you haven’t decided which school to pursue yet, you should highly consider TMA. It’s definitely a lot more relaxed than KP, and you’re not contracted to be in the Naval Reserves when you graduate. TMA definitely has a lot of cadets from LA, who plan on sailing in the Gulf. If that’s not your bag, a lot of people sail blue water as well.

What city are you from? I went to Jesuit H.S. in NO for awhile before my parents moved to Houston. I’d give you my e-mail like that KPer above, but I ship out for my senior cruise on Tuesday.

GL with your choice.