Army mariner and suny academy

Well i have been thinking of joining the army and go into the 88L seacraft engineer and have both sea time and experiences as well as the certification given by the coast guard. If i dont find anything by april of next year. One thing i wanted to know if anyone here has gone trough this, but does the military school or training that they send you to does it gives you credit or can earn a degree? this is not a big deal im going to a recruiter tommorrow and ask, or can the experience you get can be transferred to an academy such as suny? or can you receive higher rank by going to a academy at the same time? Im to much fed up with the work i do.

SUNY will give you credit for NOTHING except maybe some nonsense non maritime freshman type classes, providing the credits are not too old. It’s actually better if you come here with no experience, because then you won’t have to unlearn anything. If you spend time and money doing anything take freshman english and math at a community college before you come here.

Maine Maritime offers life experience credits for people with prior boat experience if you do their small vessel program but that only gives you a 500 ton oceans mate license. If you phan to go to an academy definitely go to a community college and get all the general education credits you can. Math, english, etc. Try to find a course list somewhere for the major you want at the school you plan to attend and anything that looks like you can take at another school, do it.

If you decide to go to SUNY I can give you more specific advice, like be a civilian student your first semester and take your required freshman nonsense classes. Then attend January Indoctrination and join the regiment. This will give you an opportunity to get to know the place without the tediousness of the regiment. Then you will only be a mug for one semester.