Interlake Steamship

What’s up guys? Was just curious if anyone knew about Interlake Steamship? Rotation mostly…and quality of life at the company? Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

Did you search the forum before asking?

No what’s the fun in that? Come on now.

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Also, looking for current opinion. 2014 was a long time ago.

Licensed or unlicensed?

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Unlicensed deck…AB to be more specific. Worked for American Steamship many years ago and Interlake always had me curious…just trying to see what it’s like there aside from money. Quality of life, retirement, benefits, stuff like that. Thanks in advance!

Quality of life is good. Bunch of fun people on most of the boats. I sailed as a Cadet with ASC, worked for GLF for a little while and then jumped over to Interlake. Interlake has the best family feel to it and I like how the office deals with the ships and people. The pay may not be the best in the industry but they take care of the equipment and care about the employees. I didn’t get that feeling elsewhere. The unlicensed guys get a certain amount of paid time off and a certain amount of unpaid time off per year. We are so short on ABs I would say 90-120 hitches are typical for someone with no seniority. Of course if you want to work more we have guys that work 5-6 month hitches. Guys that have seniority tend to schedule two or three vacations through out the season. All unlicensed are represented by steelworkers local 5000. Benefits come through them, pension is defined by them but is through the company so your time doesn’t transfer if you go to another local 5000 company. There is a 401k but I don’t think they are offering a match. Like I said we might not have the highest pay but the work atmosphere and quality of life aboard ship is way better. I took a 15% pay cut from GLF to come over to Interlake. Quality of life and longevity trumps miserable working conditions with higher pay.


What kind of schedule are mates working these days?

It’s supposed to be 60 on 30 off but last I heard from some friends there, they are short mates so a lot of guys are working 90-120 and then taking 30-45 off.

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