Interlake Steamship

I am a Dual Citizen US/CAN and dual credentialed Bridgewatch(CA)/ AB Unlimited(US) been shipping with CSL as a wheelsman this past winter and working sporadic contract work on a US unlimited ship, Interlake has always intrigued me, just curious on the hiring process, do I just print out and fax over an Application or should I call first? They seem like they must get a ton of applications. Also what is the culture like on the ships, do they do direct hire for wheelsman or would I have to work my way up from a deckhand? Finally what Is the schedule like with CSL our schedule is 90/30 during the season.

Thanks ahead of time

If you looked at their website you probably know this already. On their Careers tab it says they are looking for OS and AB’s. On the application (see link) there is a name and number if you have questions. No need for me to post it.

You’ll have to start as a deckhand and then work your way up the seniority list a little bit to get a wheeling job. With an AB ticket you’ll more than likely sail as a deck AB for most of the year. Sometimes you’ll get bumped to OS “rated” as far as pay goes. Still doing pretty much the same job. Interlake is a good company. The wages aren’t the best but they treat their people well and they like to throw money at maintaining the vessels. The paperwork trail and QHSE of the rest of the world is coming to the Great Lakes. The good ole days of the Grea Lakes steamboting mentality are just about gone. As far as work rotations it’s hard to say. As a new relief you’ll more than likely bounce around and work a pretty sporadic schedule to start with. Once you have some seniority they give you so many weeks of paid and unpaid vacation per season. Hard to say exactly what it works out to. I will also say you can work as much as you want right now. We are short on qualified ABs. I would submit an Application and copies of your documents. A few days after that I would call Bill Carle who overseas unlicensed hiring and confirm with him he received your stuff. Then just keep in touch with him every few weeks just to keep your name fresh on his mind. The boats fit out starting next week so within a month they are going to start needing reliefs. Let me know if you have any other questions. Maybe I’ll see you out there this season.