Interlake pilotage

I had some cadets on my last ship talking about applying to Interlake post-graduation and we got around to the lakes pilotage. Does anyone here know if they have mates working on the lake boats without pilotage? Is the pilotage something all are required to get eventually or do they have slots on those ships where one doesn’t have to possess it? Just want to pass along accurate information going forward, cause I have no clue how they operate up there.

I would suggest contacting CaptTimD as he would know.

Any great lakes freighter can have one open water mate sailing under the captains pilotage. It’s not required to have pilotage and they will hire open water mates. But it’s kind of expected that you will get your pilotage as soon as you can.

That was kinda what I was thinking, but he wasn’t sure if they cut loose people who didn’t get it in X amount of time.

Appreciate the reply, I’ll remember that going ahead.