Innovation in Marine hull design

Is anyone, or do you know of anyone, interested in the possibility of a totally new concept for marine hull design ? There may be a way to overcome the accepted problems associated with “wave making” a “hull friction”.
I am looking forward to a response. Any response, as I’ve been looking for anyone “seriously” interested in this topic for around a decade - without success.

you need to communicate with Mr. Anders Bjorkman

I read a few years ago of a ship ‘skin’ that tried duplicating fish scales. I figure this was on the right track for 2 reasons: 1. because of the design of newer golf balls which somewhat duplicate this concept with great success and 2. the idea duplicates some natural fish…(trout In my part of the country.)
BUT: I’ve not read where anyone tried to inject a water soluble oil into the recessed space of the scale. I think this would spread the lubricant over the entire surface, minimize the vortice/drag effect, virtually be done with little pressure as it’d be a vacume area and done right would make one hell of a fast hull.
Needless to say, rather than have 900,000 holes in the hull this would probably be a synthetic skin somehow glued to the hull with much forethough as to lube supply points.

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[QUOTE=c.captain;192644]you need to communicate with Mr. Anders Bjorkman[/QUOTE]fff
fff I responded at length on this yesterday. it never posted. it’s taken 10 minits to get this written. Until this forum gets unphucked I don’t see much commo happening.

Every time someone claims to have invented something revolutionary, it’s something along these lines:

in summary, I wrote well about a synthetic fish scale layer for hulls resembling a fish of course… (this works on dimpled golf balls) but in the recess of the scale you have to figure out how to inject a water soluble lubricant… it’d make the hull as slick as a trout.

Why is it that the ones who have the least intelligent contribution to make to a subject always resort to lame attempts at
humour ?
In the absence of any intelligent contribution please refrain from comment please.
Having said this I am puzzled by lack of any comment on this subject in spite of numerous views.
I am looking at a hull design. Not attempts merely to reduce hull friction by using hull a coating.
Anyone seriously interested in this subject please contact me via e-mail
As this forum appears to have no contribution to make to this subject.

I am amazed at the lack of serious interest in this potentially important subject.
It did bring out the tweedy birds from the woodwork however. Unable to make a serious contribution they could not resist lame attempts at humour.
Alex Vari

[QUOTE=jimrr;192673]Until this forum gets unphucked I don’t see much commo happening.[/QUOTE]

I don’t mean to hijack the thread but you are spot on about the need for an unphucking. My reload button is just about worn out and trying to follow a thread is a real challenge.

Norwegian innovation.

Not sure about it. I am little bit skeptical, but who knows???