Inland time for Near Coastal upgrade

I am currently Master 500 NC/ Master 1600 Inland. Working Inland right now. Will my time count towards my Master 1600 NC Upgrade? Thanks

Sure, you just need x number of days seaward of the boundary line already on file. Don’t know off the top of my head how many, but I’m sure it’s on the NMC checklist for upgrades. Probably something like 90, 180, or 360 days. Might even be 1.

On second thought, since you already hold a 500nc, then you only need 360 additional days. Not sure if all days have to be >100tons. Since you already hold a NC document, inland time won’t matter.

Half of the 1440 days for master 1600 nc need to be offshore. You should already have close to that to get the master 500 nc though.

Thank you for your help. The Inland tonnage is over 300gt, so I’m hoping it counts. I will research the rest. Or else, it’s back to sea I go. The Inland job is right at home but if it’s not working toward my career path its not worth it for me.