Info on SIGNET?

Anyone have any info on signet?

When I interviewed they wanted someone local to Pascagoula MS

I talked to the owner directly, years ago, about going to work for them. Super nice guy. A couple of years ago, when I was between jobs and had done a license upgrade, I emailed and spoke with him again. The guy was still an awesome guy and had one of his port captains call me back and he was very nice as well. Because of the whole local thing, as mentioned above, it didn’t work out. As a company I have no clue how they are/are to work for, but I was more than impressed with my interaction with them.

They work an on call style schedule instead of hitches. Must live within a certain area to work that and remain in area when off but on call.

They are a little different than most boat companies, requiring clean shave, no facial hair, tucked in shirts, ect. I happen to like portraying a highly professional image like that but its uncommon in our industry.

Lots of good guys working there and they tend to stay. At least that was the case in Pascagoula when it was Colle Maritime before Signet bought them. With a 20 year contract on the new LNG terminal, and being the exclusive operator in Pascagoula Harbor, they seem to be very secure.

They want local but will let the right person work a rotation. On call schedule. When things get tight they won’t lay you off but will cut down your days. Low pay, decent benefits. Can be hypicritical; one day it is one way and the next it is another.

Barry wants College Graduates, 1600 master oceans, gmdss, ARPA, etc…, no tatoos, no facial hair, no tobacco products, uniform provided. Applies to all expect a priviledged few.

Very different pay scales for Pascagoula and Ingleside.

They grew VERY quickly when they bought Colle and have experienced severe growing pains.