Question on job hunting?

Im new here, so not sure if im posting this in the right spot but here goes. I am currently searching for a job, and was wondering if anyone on here works for or has worked for signet in ingleside tx. I was thinking about applying there, and am looking for some insider info.

I have never worked there, they are looking for an AB and Tug Captain with Z drive experience right now. From what I understand you need to apply through work in texas.

I applied there and got a response but they wanted me to live in Texas.

If you use the search function in the upper left, you will find more info.

Things I recall being said about Signet were: “good family style company that treats employees fairly,” and “wear church clothes to the interview.”

I have seen a few things on here about them, but havent seen anyone say what their actual schedule is. I heard its mostly day work, but im not really sure what that is.

I applied and talked with them a few months ago, the ingleside div. Very nice and professional, sounded like a great outfit, and they got back to me as soon as a spot opened up (I had already found something else by then). They did tell me though that the owner is a very straight laced professional kinda guy. No swearing, no face hair , no long hair, no piercing, and no tattoos. So if you have any of that stuff, your prob not gonna get in.

Decent outfit to work for but they are not without their “quirks”. They want you to live locally, pay is not bad for day work, you will get stick time. A small time outfit that wants to be like the big guys. The owner is very particular but his seasoned employees get away with not conforming ( they have facial hair, tattoos, smoke and dip, swear, etc…). The owner should have been a motivational speaker, he is very good. His goal is to “make his employees millionaires”. Overall, a pretty easy and laid back place to work once you get I to the rhythm of things.

Lots of those reports are true but some are false. If your interested in a job with Signet Maritime contact me and I can clarify anything for you. We are looking for employees to live locally. Pay is good considering you spend a good portion of your nights at home with your family sleeping in your own bed. 2 new build ASD tugs for the fleet will be completed this year and 2 or 3 more next year. We have a very young fleet.