Important research project paper just released

I’ve been working on an important research project regarding the use of ECS/ECDIS systems. I am thrilled to publish the study here on gCaptain. Please add this to your onboard library and training materials. Your crew’s health may depend on it.TAS Article.pdf (51.9 KB)

although it is a fun little read (sarcasme intended), why do you think the Manilla Agreements contributed to TSAD?

The Manila Agreements contributed to most of today’s problems in the Maritime Industry, especially the horrendous costs borne by mariners and time spent “training” away from home. Specifically, the focus during STCW required ECDIS courses on trackines reinforces the almost manic desire to keep your vessel pasted to a line on a display.

Before ECDIS I routinely copied the route into the radar for conevnience and so did most of the crew on any other vessel I have been on.
I do agree that there are “officers” out there who want to keep on the line, buit it does not really matter if this line is on a paper chart, Radar or ECDIS. It is usually because the captain told them " stay on the track", same as “do not change speed” and “make sure we keep the ETA”.

My ECDIS course did not focus on trackines but focused on technical issues of ECDIS and how to make best use of the equipment. If you went to a training center that only showed you how to stay on a trac you should ask your money back.
I am not saying that the ECDIS does not contribute to this issue but many other factors are involved.